Extension Rig Issues

I’ve been able to git the rig (pun intended) installed on my Mac and almost everything appears to be working correctly. When testing with the Extension Views, however, the basic “Hello, World!” component does not work properly. The input element is not receiving clicks. But the overlay and panel views both work as expected.

I have tried the loggedOut, loggedIn, and various other settings on the component view to no avail. Is there some sort of layering setting that I am missing in the docs to make sure the component receives user input correctly?

macOS version: 10.14.1 (Mojave)

I tried multiple browsers and found that only Safari appears to work correctly. Chrome has some issue and Firefox did not work at all. Safari was my default when I installed and started the rig, so this could be an initialization problem.

I was planning on building a component extension, but I may switch to an overlay until this is resolved. Thank you!

Hi there!

As a quick check, are the inputs behind the purple layer on the component view?

If they are, the purple bar is actually demonstrating the areas on the site where this case may happen- see this nifty visual for a better idea of what I’m talking about: https://dev.twitch.tv/docs/extensions/designing/#video-overlay-extensions

If they aren’t, can you send over a quick screenshot?

Also, are you using Hello World or the react boilerplate?

Thank you for the quick reply and the simple fix. It was indeed a layering issue and I hadn’t thought to move the window below the purple area. I knew I had read that in the documentation, but couldn’t find that page again, so thanks for the link. My one suggestion would be to label those areas somehow within the rig. A note or tooltip on the page that says the purple area represents a masking layer would help others from having the ‘duh’ moment I just had. Thanks!

Awesome! Glad it was an easy fix. Appreciate the feedback, we’ll review on our end.