Extension Rig Nightmares!

So I’ve followed all of the instructions, I have the developer rig running with the correct configuration. I also have the hello world template EBS running at https://localhost:8081, I’ve changed the settings on the dashboard to highlight that its port 8081 rather than 8080. And the dev rig will not see the local EBS Hello World demo.

At this point is it easier to just develop on the base boilerplate? I’ve spent too much time trying to get the rig working properly on Windows.


I’ve just noticed that although the EBS is running at localhost:8081 I am getting a 404 error so that could perhaps be why the rig can’t find it. Anyone else had this problem?


Hi Mark,

The Developer Rig doesn’t know (or care) about an Extension’s backend service. This is the responsibility of the Extension’s frontend code.

Are you able to share what field on the dev site’s dashboard you have update? My hunch is that you have updated the URI of where the frontend portion of the Extension is intended to be hosted.

Just the testing URI, I changed it from port 8080 to 8081, but apart from that its as it normally is.

The testing base URI is for the frontend assets of an Extension, and not its backend. How are you hosting the frontend assets? Are you using the Developer Rig to host the frontend assets?

I’ve tried cloning the Hello-World repo into the rig and that doesn’t seem to work do I need to include my account and the repo or just the repo? I’ve been using:

yarn extension-init -r https://github.com/twitchdev/extensions-hello-world.git


yarn start

but the example files are not loaded.

This is what I get

I’ve even tried copy the viewer/broadcaster/liveconfig directly into the rigs public folder and that won’t work.

Right, I seem to have it working now. Took a lot of messing about but am finally there!

I’m pretty much having the same issues. Can you explain how you fixed it at all?


As per the rig readme, you need to host your files - https://github.com/twitchdev/developer-rig#tldr

we provide a tool in the rig to do that for you, namely, yarn host -l path/to/frontend/assets/ -p <desired port>

or you can do it yourself, using some webserver.

to fully test an extension in the rig, you must be hosting your front end files, running your ebs, and running the rig.