Extension Soft Launch?

I’m about to launch my first Extension to the store. It’s currently in review, however once it’s past that I want to have it available only on one or two channels and their viewers only.

Anyway this can be achieved?

Short answer: No.

More expansive: Yes.

You can have a broadcaster white list, but in order to change/update/revise the broadcaster whitelist you need to release a new version of your extension.

To expand on Barry’s answer - You can only set the broadcaster whitelist while the extension version is in ‘local test’. If you’re already in review you’ll have to cancel the review, add those channels to your whitelist, do the hosted test, then submit for review again. Then when you want to make the extension public, you’ll have to make a new version of the extension, remove all channels from the whitelist, and then go through the review process again. I think that would serve your purpose nicely.