Extension to hosted test not working

Hi there,

I am trying to do hosted testing on my extension. I tried reading the documents but don’t see my issue.

I have no errors in the console and network is fine. I also have included the extension helper script in all my html pages. When I zip and upload, i just get “Unexpected error occured, please try again”

What could I be missing?

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  • Check you are using a “supported” Twitch browser.
  • check for any ad or script blockers interferring
  • relog on the dashboard
  • check the extension version is in local test
  • check your zip file is a “proper” zip file and not a malformed one
  • check yoru zip is a “reasonable” size.
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How do I check for script blockers?

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well only you know whats installed on your browser. So check your browser extensions.

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My zip file is 3.4mb is this fine?

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3.4 sounds sensible to me

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