Extension to send whisper to current viewer

Is it possible to send a whisper to the current viewer through an overlay extension?

Documentation says that it’s possible to pass onAuthorize’s userid to a pubsub as topic target “whipser-userid” (https://dev.twitch.tv/docs/extensions/reference/#send-functiontarget-contenttype-message) but there is no sample of what ‘message’ object should be.

Any ideas? thanks!

A PubSub whisper and Twitch Chat whisper are two different things.

A PubSub whisper lets you send a message from your EBS or the broadcaster to a specific user of the extension, and then your extension can do something with that (like display it).

Chat whispers are a different system entirely. I don’t have a lot of experience with those, but I imagine you would need a chat client set up on your EBS and your extension would have to be request UserID access in order to send whispers to specific users.

Hope that helps