Extension whitelist on iOS procedure

I just wanted to ask you on how we should whitelist our extension for iOS.
Do we need to send an already approved version of the extension with mobile support for review and whitelisting, or do we send this in a version we are currently developing?

I mean we have a version in our own channel which we are testing now. But it’s not approved yet.
Should we send that version for whitelisting or send the version to get approved first then request whitelisting?

The relevant form is linked here:

  • Manage an extension
  • Manage a version
  • Go to “Asset Hosting”
  • Above “Mobile Path” is linked the relevant form to provide your Apple Team ID

Mobile views don’t need AllowListing on Android

So any Extension with a mobile view can request iOS AllowListing.

I usually apply for iOS AllowListing the moment I create an extension, since (last I checked) it needs to be AllowListed to test on iOS too

Thank you Barry