Extension with Bits "donations"


I programmed an extension which displays a preview of a pc with clickable components.
Now I wanted to add bits → Streamer can choose a bits goal.
People can donate like in the picture.

The problem is that this is not consistend how Twitch positions its Bits product:

“6.5: To be consistent with how Twitch positions its Bits product, we require you to position Bits-enabled Extensions as digital content, not a currency or item of property or monetary value. Do not position use of Bits in Extensions as a donation, money transmission, or stored-value product (e.g., in marketing, UX, PR). Do not describe the use of Bits in extensions as a “donation” or ”support” in the financial sense for the broadcaster, “money transmission,” “purchase,” “spend,” “buy,” “insert” (such as likening Bits to quarters), or other similar description.”

How could I be consistent with this rule? Should the button be named like: “increase the progress bar”? Does anybody got an idea? This extension was a lot of work and I really want to get bits working :frowning: .

It would appear your whole extension is centered around “accepting donations” in ethos and usership.

So I don’t see anyway that this extension could pass review, since you are equating bits to a real product. And thats just not allowed in extensions. So even the bar on it’s own without the “bits accepting functionalitys” is gray area/not allowed.

So I don’t see a way to convert this really.

From a legal point of view, not just a Twitch Extension Guideline one, your extension idea has nothing whatsoever to do with ‘donations’.

Donations have a specific legal meaning, so unless both you the developer and the broadcaster are registered charities then none of that is a donation, but a ‘tip’, and even as a Tip this still would be very unlikely to be allowed for the reasons Barry has mentioned.

Also, from a usability point of view it would be unlikely any streamer would use such an extension as there is a 80/20 cut for extension transactions, so 20% of the bits would go to the developer, which for an extension focused on users tipping the streamer it would be much better value for money for them to just cheer the bits so that the streamer gets 100% of them, and then the streamer can just use on-screen graphics for progress bars, or use chat messages to say the current goal status.