Extensions blur


Hi, I feel guilty for not writing much earlier.
At first i thought that it was my problem with css transform property, but mb ~8 months ago i made tests and identified this issue but thought that somebody describe it and fix it.


WIth odd width or height “video overlay” extensions got blurred. On screenshots it seems not very important but in real life on the stream it is impossible to read even a couple of words. To confirm/deny this statement i’ll leave poll at the end. On video it looks more obvious:

Extensions blur youtube




Extension iframe inherit width and height from parent div “extension overlay”

Height odd:

Width and height even:

Fix suggestion

Keep even width and height in parent div “extension overlay”.

How you can describe your experience with that issue?

  • Text unreadable
  • Never experienced that issue
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OMG PogChamp looks like its already fixed now.