Extensions can't be named to any name

I cant rename / name my extensions like I want. I can enter for example Space. It dont work. if i enter space shuttle it works. if i enter spaceship it dont works.


Your request cannot be processed at this time. Please make sure that the request format is correct and try again. If you need further assistance, you can submit a ticket here.

Names of clientID’s have to be unique across the service (so if I have a client called Space you can’t make a client called Space) for both extensions and regular applications (as extensions are also an application)

So the name Space is likely already taken, as either a Application or Extension as name has to be unique.

If you are getting a creation error the problem is likely trying to use a reserved or already in use name. And the UI doesn’t pop the correct error to the UI (there is an open issue for this)

Also check for ad/script blockers inteferring.

Oh ok. Thanks again.