Extensions Guidelines & Policies


Regarding the Guidelines and Policies at https://dev.twitch.tv/docs/extensions/guidelines-and-policies/, I was wondering how strict these 2 are still enforced:

  1. Do not use eval() statements […]
  2. Do not inject directly into the DOM any data obtained dynamically over AJAX (e.g., JSON is fine, HTML is not).

I am also using WebPack so when I do the production build it does the eval() thing for 2. I’m generating html to do some config UI obtained with information dynamically so 5 is a problem for now.

Thanks for any updates and guidelines!


Yes, eval() is still a no-no.
If you generate the html within your extensions javascript then that’s fine. What’s not allowed is to insert “unknown” html directly into the extension page.

I see thanks! I guess I have to fiddle with the UglifyJsPlugin thingy in WebPack to not use eval() somehow (at worst I can just use the Development mode compile since that wont use it).

Thanks for the advice on “unknown” html being inserted. Saves me a bit of time faffing there.

Wait a second I’m talking complete rubbish eval() is used in the Development mode of WebPack not Production. Cool nothing for me to do then!