Extensions Install Bug

I don’t know where to post this, but I found an extension sub forums so here’s what hapenned.

I started to install all the extensions to keep them into my installed section, after ~10-15 installations without configurations. All my extentions bumped to Available Extensions and I can’t instally any of them anymore.

It’s like I can’t click “Install” anymore.

Check again?

About 2 hours ago something blipped and I saw similar.

As the extensions system was offline briefly

Anyone else can fix this? Idk?
edit: it’s been a week now since the bug hapenned.

Are you unable to install even recently added Extensions, or all Extensions?

Having the same issue here with my account. Trying to submit an extension to get approved but can’t even test it since I can’t install it.

The back end seems to think the extension is installed but the front end doesn’t believe it is.

I got some additional help on this. What finally ended up working for me was changing my password. It didn’t work again right away, but change your password and log out/clear cache and wait up to 24 hours and it should start working.

I changed my password on Friday and it was working today.

Good luck!

Do i have to stay logged out for 24 hours? or just ignore the Extension tab for 24 hours? i just changed my password and cleared cache, but would like to log back in to do other things on my twitch.

You can continue to use Twitch.

I can continue to use Twitch, but all extensions are unable to be installed.
Edit: since I tried to install all extentions into my account. Going to change my password and try again in 24 hours by clearing cache. I will send an update if it works out.

So far that did not work for me.
I’ve logged into a separate account and the tab works just fine on there.
So… whats wrong with my account?

Thank you - I have been trying to solve this problem for days.

I changed password, logged out, cleared cache (including passwords) and it worked straight away.

Cross-posting in this thread - the appropriate team has identified the underlying problem and while they work on a retroactive fix, you can reset your password and clear cache to fix the problem. It should take no longer than five minutes to resolve.

Please let us know if you continue to have this issue after resetting your password and clearing cache.

I used many navigators such as Internet Explorer, Edge, Google Chrome and Firefox even after changing password and removing caches on each browsers.

I’ve waited 5-10 minutes and it still does not work. I can’t install any extensions.
Still trying to find out on how to fix this bug.

I logged out of Twitch before clearing the cache. Not sure if that might make a difference.

So changed password, logged out, cleared cache (ticked to include passwords), closed all browser windows, then re-opened browser and logged in.

This then fixed the issue for all browsers and on both of my systems.

It still does not work on my side, I hope Twitch Devs will fix this soon.