Extensions page rework


I think that the extensions page on the dashboard needs some love. At the moment the only way of streamers finding something useful is trough a tiny search bar and only if you have an idea what too search for in the first place. The other way is to scroll trough everything (which is getting larger every week) and lets be honest both ways are not that user friendly or very useful.
Here some of my ideas ordered by my vision of usefulness:

  • Categorize extensions, maybe at some point even sub categories would be necessary. For example - Games/Tools/Integrations/Creative/Newly added/ Popular/Featured
  • User rating with the option of leaving comments
  • Sorting by total installations, active installations, user rating, type (video overlay, mobile, etc.)
  • Add some vital info to streamers regarding extensions in general (what are extensions?, what are they useful for? How do they work/interact with viewers?)
  • Subscribe/follow categories or specific extensions to receive notifications (newly added, change logs, updates, etc.)
  • More info and better looking extension details

Good source of inspiration would be the google/apple app stores.
Is there anything on the twitch developer roadmap regarding that?

Apologies if this has been already discussed!

Best regards

@Born2Phil Thank you for the feedback, I think you’ll really like what we are working on in terms of the Extensions Discovery and Management. No apology necessary, your feedback is really helpful in keeping us in check with areas we need to improve, and how to make the full Extensions experience better.