Extensions/Panles not working

My extensions are not working.

  • Streamlabs loyality system (Panel) is not working, all fields are blank. like it does not count the points
  • PUBG Panel also not working, it just dont show the stats… so it seems that all my extensions are broken.

any ideas?

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Problem with extensions should be sent to the developers behind them. You can find their emails in the extension details, ie https://www.twitch.tv/ext/zfh2irvx2jb4s60f02jq0ajm8vwgka-1.0.12 -> support.

If it’s just you that’s having this problem, maybe your browser is blocking the extensions (ie plugins). Try it in an incognito window and see if it makes any difference.

I have the same problem. I and others looking at it with me can’t find anything wrong with my browser settings. I have been contacting Twitch support for over 3 months about this, but they still haven’t figured this out. Any tips on how to fix this?

@koeniig2 How did you fix this back then?

If your problem is that extensions are not loading for you on the website.

You either need to contact the developers of those extnesions.

or check your extensions.

FFZ for example has a method to prevent extensions loading.

The issue is likely client side ad or script blocking.

I have already contacted the developers through twitch support, but 3 months later we are still emailing back and forth. They say they fixed it but nothing happens.

In my case the panel extensions show up when logged out but not when im logged in. I also get a blank pop-up when I try to configure them. Same thing happens in incognito. I already went through all my browser settings and tried 4 different browsers.

If you refer to one of my extensions.

You cannot contact me via Twitch Support.

You seem to be contacting the wrong people

I’ve got nothing else obvious to suggest.

It’ sounds like a pr oblem on the actual computer.

I’m refering to EVERY extension. None work when I’m logged in and neither does the whole twitch panel configuration system. It used to work fine and I changed nothing, but all of a sudden it just stopped working.

Multiple people including myself (I work in IT) have looked at it, no one can find anything on my computer that would block those extensions.

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This suggests your computer is blocking traffic to the extension sub domain for whatever reason.

Which is https://{ClientID}.ext-twitch.tv

So it’s either a computer problem or network problem your side. (I know a lot of people panic moded and blocked all extensions recently due to the IP Grabbing stuff).

And since it’s first party side not much we can do to help you here (on this forum) since it’s gonna need looking at environmentally or badgering Twitch support.

Pop open network tools and trace the problem. Check where https://es7m79v91nz4xxhzljdl3rpg9m1iuz.ext-twitch.tv/ resovles to for example.

I’m getting, currently:

ping es7m79v91nz4xxhzljdl3rpg9m1iuz.ext-twitch.tv
PING dxtkri2c61io4.cloudfront.net ( 56 data bytes

In before someone threw a hosts file rule in somewhere on your machine/DNS Provider to blackhole the extensions domain.

@BarryCarlyon I’m having the exact same problem as of late, didn’t change anything in my browser / router / provider, all my panels stopped working at the same time and they are all different, so I’m sure it’s not a bug with one of them specifically. I tried different browsers and even connecting via cellular network (to change the provider), still the same issue.

I’m guessing there’s some issues with the Twitch API extensions API or something (panels in my case). Feel free to review my about page here:

For me the screen looks like this forever:

All of these extensions have not been updated for the recent CSP Policy change.

Please contact the developers of these extensions to request them to update these update these extension to comply with policy

I had this problem recently too for the past few weeks, had time to look into it today. fixed it by synching my system clock (I changed the time a while back which unsynced it) for anybody coming to this post like I did

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This Fixed my problem. I been looking for a year. Thank you. Changing the right Time Zone. I moved states not that long ago and never changed it.