Facing problems with chatting through IRC client

Greetings. Recently I became fascinated with the idea of using IRC to chat with streamers. For that, first I went to https://twitchapps.com/tmi/ to generate an oauth password. Then I used that password to include in my IRC client and then I was able to successfully log in and could join channels by issuing /join #channel. Everything was working correctly for the first few hours, I was able to interact with chat members. But after 4 or 5 hours when I logged back into the client, I could see all chat messages and could send chat messages through the client, but my messages wouldn’t display on streamers chat. And this is not for a certain streamer, I tried multiple streamers, even my friends chat too, but for some reason none of my chat messages are displaying. Then I tried logging in from the browser and chatting. To my surprise, I can’t send messages from my browser as well. I’m pretty sure I didn’t say anything that would cause a ban or something like that. I’m very confused and don’t know how I could get out of this situation. I would love to chat through irc, I was so excited too.