Failed to install any twitch extension (ones I developed and existing ones like Twitch prime) as a video overlay on just a specific channel

Hello all,

I have an issue where I cannot install ANY twitch extensions (ones that I developed and ones that from other parties such as Twitch Prime) as a video overlay. An error occurs when I press “Activate” -> “Set as Overlay 1”. The error message is “There was an error. Please try again later.”

However, I can install extensions as a component just fine, just not as a video overlay. I tested the installation of video overlays on a different testing channel and it works, so I highly suspect it is a channel specific issue.

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

EDIT: wording

This is the Third party developers forums.

We cannot help you.

Please use the support link provided on that extension.

Sorry I should be more clear. I cannot install any extensions including that ones that I develop and the published ones such as Twitch Prime (which I know shouldn’t have any issues).

I am thinking that it is a channel specific issue because I can install my extensions on my other test channels fine. Who should I contact if I have issues with installation?

I still cannot install any twitch extension as a video overlay so I think the issue is persistent unless a dev looks into my account.

Anybody that I can get in touch with to address the issue with my account?

I had published twitch extensions before and used to be able to install extensions on my affiliated channel. I am attaching screenshots that reproduces the issue on multiple popular Twitch extensions. These extensions can be installed successfully on my other Twitch accounts without any problems. Thanks!

If it’s only happening on your account reach out to twitch support here:
in the My issue relates to... field pick other issue or question and then explain what you are seeing.

These forums are for third party devs. We can’t see all the details behind the scenes that could be causing this issue.

Thank you for pointing out the email support link! I had sent them an email for support :slight_smile:

@FRANXX Can you provide the Twitch username you’re having this issue with?

Thank you! It is I believe there is another staff looking into into the account right now (not sure if you are the same person).

@FRANXX I believe I’ve addressed the issue on this account. Please try activating again.

Thank you very much for your help it works now!

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