Fast upload, No Bandwidth for Streaming

Hey Everyone,

I recently upgraded my internet and wanted to try streaming on Twitch using OBS. I have around 11mb/s upload but no matter what quality I stream at or which server I use I drop about 50% of my frames. I tried the Twitch Bandwidth Test and I am getting horrible bandwidth on all of the servers (>500 kbps). I have tried everything that I could find on the main forum thread but still no luck. I am also dropping the same amount of frames when I tried XSplit as well. Hope someone can help!

Speed test: Ping 6 - 95.84 Mbps Download - 10.69 Mbps Upload



Consult your ISP.

Sounds like something weird is going on and they could be interferring.

Also consider using Google DNS which can improve your route to the server.
Also try different Twitch Injests

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