Feature: Give the sub cost and currency in eventsub?


Is there a way to get the subscription cost of a subscriber for an account? With the localized pricing now there is no easy way to calculate how much someone will need. Take a streamer I know of, they have a sub bar to pay rent but now the localized pricing changes how much she will get so instead of a sub count bar we can use the localized pricing that I can get from the API to calculate how much she needs base on subs she has?

Even if this comes down in the eventsub webhook stuff, that would be awesome, or in the subscriptions/events?broadcaster_id endpoint to allow estimates to be made off of the twitch subs.

I know this information can be found in the users dashboard, they can see earnings and work it out from there. But its more for the analytics or either compiling into a sub bar (or giving here a total amount / total needed kinda thing)

If my wording in this post is terrible please shout, I do apologies in advance currently running on 2 hours sleep in 3 days.

No, it’s not possible to see how much a user paid for a sub, and my guess is that it’s not something that will be made available to 3rd parties for both privacy reasons and as a means to prevent any sort of discrimination based on how much a user paid for a subscription.

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This makes sense and is a valid point, had not originally thought about this viewpoint.

We can also see the anonymity in the dashboard, because even then you get the total made per category and not the per sub pricing.

Just with the localized pricing it makes it harder for the streamer to estimate earnings, so was hoping for some data to math off of.

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