Feature Request: Add login name field to get stream /helix/streams

Currently, /helix/streams contains user_id and user_name which is their display name, but display names are often useless for joining their IRC chat room due to character differences between a login name and a display name. Please add user_login, to the stream object in this endpoint.

Thank you for your reply. My team and I have implemented the workaround suggested in the issue in the meantime. If possible, I’d like to request a notification when the issue is resolved.



Errr no idea how that can be delivered to you.

You’d have to keep an eye on the github.

And This has been a long standing issue with Helix and it’s not be confirmed as a bug or a feature.

Also i don’t see a workaround in the issue so not sure what you refer to when you say workaround. (The accepted work around is to take the userID and perfrom a lookup against the Users API)

The workaround referenced in the issue is to find the login name in the thumbnail URL:

“Meaning for people building a embed from an API lookup either parse the thumbnail URL for the username, or call the users API to get the correct login name for the embed.”

oh yeah :smiley: Couldn’t see the wood for the trees!