Feature request: encapsulate spam


Copy-Paste-Messages often fill the whole chat section. Deleting the messages also only generates extra lines with usernameame: <>message deleted>. Other comments are caught up in the whirlwind of activity and currently the only solution is the sub mode which results in even more spam when ended.


My idea is to create a seperate section above the chat window when a (server sided) filter detects multiple (e.g. >10) equal messages. In that section the detected text could be shown with some indicative of the amount of posts with this text. The indicative could be a simple number, increasing the size of the shown text or some special effect like pulsing text or special colors for reaching a special amount of posts.


This solution would not only make those happy, who want to paticipate in chat with self written text, but also would allow those who want to copy and paste their text to do so without fearing sub mode.

<3 Harmony for all <3


I am actually working on a plugin that does this, and other things to make the chat experience more pleasant for those who don’t care for spam. I am glad to see that people will try it, once its done.

What we have in the meantime is r9k. It’s not perfect, but it helps a bit. Urge your favorite streamer to use it.

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rk9 is win.

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