Feature Request: One small change that could fix the discord webhook embed cached image issues

Hey All,

I, like many others, use some kind of webhook or chatbot that embeds a preview of our stream into discord when we go live. A lot of the free ones use this url:


The problem is that discord caches that, and RARELY updates it. So we end up with the same image over and over and over again.

The request I am asking for is to add the option to get a cachebuster added to the params of the request and if true, the response.

Something like epoch time would be great. resulting in something like this.

Likely easiest to implement: https://static-cdn.jtvnw.net/previews-ttv/live_user_twitchpresents-320x180.jpg?1596403162

Likely harder to implement as you’d need to add something to parse out the epoch from the URLS before returning the picture, but:

This would make a lot of lives a lot easier.

This is very difficult to apply on the webhook end because we dont always have a lot of control over where the url is coming from.

Would love feedback and thought.

Just add the cachebuster yourself. Thats what I do…
I grab the image URL from the Twitch webhook (or API result) and append ?v=UNIX to the end myself

Twitch doesn’t need to do anything.

The problem here is not Twitch, but Discord’s own cache.

That said if you want to make a proper feature request that should be sent to


But I don’t expect Twitch to make this change since you can cache bust other peoples caches yourself

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