[Feature request] Option to automatically lower stream quality to Mobile/Low when tabbed away

Hello I’m a long time user. Been using twitch for ~5 years. I’m an Automation Engineer.

The request is to have an option to automatically lower the quality of any stream which is not being viewed. A stream isn’t being viewed if it’s the current tab. This would be for Chrome and Firefox.

I’m sure we have two sets of users who would benefit from this.

  1. Power users who have multiple tabs/streams open.

  2. The millions of Comcast customers who just received a 1TB cap… :rage:

This would also be a huge benefit to twitch as it would take Terabytes of unused bandwidth off of their servers.

Greetings! This is a forum for 3rd party developers that interface with Twitch. This type of request might be best routed to https://twitch.uservoice.com.