Feature request: Sandbox simulator

Hey again!

I just wanted to strengthen this request (I already made it in February) and thought I renew this, with further work spend on development.

I would highly appreciate a Sandbox simulator (a Sandbox pubsubserver etc.) that works for my registered channel. So I could push messages like:
PubSub simulations: Send sub/resub-notification, Cheers, etc.

Channel simulations: Send new follower, going online, offline, changing game etc…

As mentioned in my other post by IllusionaryOne it is possible to kinda simulate those events yourself by make use of the docs (pubsub: resub-message). And even though I use this technique as well I think such a sandbox simulator would greatly benefit the ability to develop good applications.

I already experienced a couple of times where my “test” was rather incomplete or I didn’t considered everything. Having a sandbox simulator would allow the developers to work even more autonomous.

It would be great to have it. I might bring up this request every once in a while until the twitch gods decide to go for it! ;).

Thanks for your work!!


This has been requested for years now. I also have a thread like yours.

Im the creator of TwitchPress. I am now considering creating a site that offers an API with identical endpoints and data structure. That site would populate itself using the actual Twitch API.

So a middle service that we simply switch to by changing the domain in our header. That service would allow visitors to edit any channels data i.e. give a channel a subscription programme.

Obviously some data would not be forwarded to third parties and replaced by randomly generated values instead. Only public data and data that can be madeup basically.

I think this might be fun and interesting. I have the plugins to make it happen.

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Before you go forward with that, you may want to contact Twitch as such a service may be in breach of the developer agreement, two key points (but not the only points relevant) are

II A 2

Program Materials: certain software, software development kits, libraries, application programing interfaces (“APIs”), services, documentation, specifications, sample code, metadata, technology, emotes and any other related or ancillary materials and information that are made available under this Agreement to you by or on behalf of Twitch pursuant to the program you participate in on the corresponding Schedule.

Schedule 1 - Storage of Program Materials/Twitch Content

Re-syndication of Program Materials as available from a Twitch API is prohibited.


Ouh wham. Just want to bump that as I just ran into exactly such type of problem that would’ve been easily prevented by having access to a simulator. BibleThump


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