Feature Request: See number of channels a user has been banned in

So as a streamer and moderator in a couple chats, one feature that I’d like to be seen is a number displayed of the amount of channels a user has been banned in. Not looking for names of channels, just number.

The reason for this is so streamers and moderators can make better judgement calls whether someone is making a mistake or is a repeat offender across multiple channels.

This way, if someone comes in and spams a couple lines of keyboard spam, we can tell if it may have possibly been a cat walking on a keyboard, or just something this person does.

There are people who come into channels streaming certain story/spoiler heavy games, and will wait out the follower mode timer to say “x kills y” or “z is the mastermind” and stuff like that. This way we can have a warning if this user has done this before. Maybe even some kind of “mod comments” section for users that mods can see from mods of other channels?

I know this tricky, and can likely be abused, which is why there could also be a “report comment” option for comments that are spam, derogatory, or otherwise.


Without access to ban reasons the raw number is useless. Someone could of got banned for accidental caps. Someone banning someone for lols in their own channel or anything else.

There are too many what ifs, and a raw number is useless without any context.

However feature requests can be made to


I’m not looking for number of overall bans, but number the person is currently banned in. Reasons could help too.

Should I repost on that site? I googled “Twitch feature request” and this was the first one on the list.

Same difference.

“leaking” reasons from other channels to yours, is in theory, a GDPR/Privacy violation.

As could the raw number in theory

So I doubt this would become an official feature at any point.

Yeah the forums been around a little longer than the uservoice, yay SEO…

Yeah, I was thinking something about privacy and even just enactment is tricky. But figured it wouldn’t hurt to give a shot.

I’ll go ahead and post on the other one. So I guess you could lock this one? Or were you not saying “yeah” to me posting on the other place.

To say words officially:

Feature suggestsions should go to the relevant section of the Twitch Uservoice not the third party developers support forum(s) - https://twitch.uservoice.com/


I’m not sure which cateogry this would fit under due to the privacy nightmare. The other thing to consider is that if someone has many bans they probably need a report so Twitch can remove them completely and if they have say 200 bans, then someone either forgot to report them or the bans have been gatherered over years.

But there are many scenrarios involved here

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