Feature Request. Self purge for channel mods?

Was wondering if there is a way to add self purging for Mods?

What do you mean by self-purging? I’m not familiar with that term.

The concept is a mod fluffs up and then wants to time themseleves out for 1 second. Rather than getting the broadcaster to time them out and remod.

IE as a mod, remove my last message from chat.

.timeout barrycarlyon 1 I dun fluffed up
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On this topic, ClearChat (the full screen wipe) technically works, but broadcasters and chat tend to get a little upset when that command is used.

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Thank you for the context!

Yeah. Mods are not perfect and sometimes we put something into chat the we immediately regret and would like to make it go away without clearing the entire chat.

cough bttv prevented clear chat by a moderator

Addons can prevent timeouts and purges from showing too, it doesn’t mean they’re useless options.

Yeah, but at that point you’ve already basically thrown twitch functionality out the window. If all you cared about was BTTV, you could have night implement a way to remove the text from the dom directly.

But neither of us is talking about that, yeah? Since BTTV could also ignore the feature, even if implemented by twitch for the same reason. (Just an option to not hide timeout/banned people)

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