[Feature request] Separate Chat

For large streamers make it more easy to engage with viewers by separating short messages and emotes to a side pane in the chat window.

This can be done somewhat easy with a word list. Messages containing multiple emotes and 1-2 words or generic emote/text spam would go to the side or bottom pane. It could get more advanced on though.

Possible functionality: 1-2 simple words i.e(gz,gg,lol,omg,what,wow) would go to the side pane. Emotes wouldn’t count as words making it easier to detect short messages.

This mode could be toggled on, off, always on, or it auto activates during high spam activity and try to filter the chat to leave questions and messages readable increasing user engagement.

I feel a lot of very popular streamers fail to grow further than a specific point due to this loss of user engagement when there chat is no longer readable.

This is a forum for 3rd party developers. Feature requests should be submitted to https://twitch.uservoice.com

Are you sure? The section description says:

Discussion pertaining to our chat system. Feature requests, bugs, and suggestions for both the IRC interface and web APIs are welcome!

If so I’ll remove and post in the correct area.

Yes I’m sure. The link I posted is the best place to suggest features you want Twitch to implement themselves for viewers. The description on this section of the forum by feature requests is referring to features for the underlying functionality of Twitch that 3rd party developers can make use of in their apps.

The IRC interface means the API with which developers talk to the chat service. These forums are all about how applications can and can’t talk with various Twitch APIs. Using the IRC interface it is possible to create such separated chat already.

This is also something Rooms could be utilized for as far as on site features go.

I hope this clarifies it sufficiently :slight_smile:

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