Feature Request: Spoiler Concealment

I don’t know if this is possible and forgive if this has been made before but I didn’t see it at a glance with the search function. It’s something I’ve heard discussed multiple times. When new games come out, there can be content which is supposed to be a surprise to players first playing the game. People in chat naturally may want to talk about certain features among themselves, but don’t necessarily want to spoil these features for the person streaming who might be playing the game blind.

Is there a way create a feature to mark this text specially so one would have to do something to view it, knowing that it contains possible spoiler content? The website TVtropes.com for example whites it out so you have to either highlight it or turn the setting off. Perhaps a simple whiteout where you can mouseover it? I know many mods who’s life would be made much easier if they didn’t have to constantly police people about this.

Feature requests are best posted on the uservoice. “People […] want to talk […] among themselves” sounds like the kind of thing the group chat exists for though.

Sorry. I wasn’t sure, so I just went for whatever had threads similar to what I wanted to make. I’ll toddle over there, thanks.

No worries. These forums are for 3rd party developers to discuss anything directly related to developing something that interacts with Twitch chat or web APIs.

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