[Feedback] Multiple Video Extensions

Okay, so I have just finished my first look into components and had a couple of points and feedback.

  1. The taskbar icons are a little small, double the height and width would be my preference. otherwise it’s going to be fairly difficult to get what you need into that icon.
  2. If it’s not a possibility to make the taskbar icons larger, maybe a mouseover which shows the name of the extension without the user having to click
  3. A warning to devs of extensions & broadcasters for the order of loading, so currently the fullscreen overlay is below c1 and c2 and c1 is below c2
  4. In component activation show “unusable area” based on the player controls and other active components (don’t stop the positioning just a warning system)
  5. Maybe make Fullscreen Overlays into Component Overlays is there any reason to distinguish between the two types? anything that is currently a Fullscreen Overlay should work with the settings of just 100% x 100% with no zooming or If I’m missing something what is it?
  6. Help devs of components workout % values. Example I could have a square panel which is 318px h&w the % for height and width on an overlay extension needs to be calculated on a 16:9 ratio if I want that square to remain. so my % values were 18%W x 30%H


  1. Will anything be put into place to allow an extension to get the position of other extensions?
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This comment probably makes more sense in the RFC thread, as I assume the appropriate developers are more likely to see it there.

Regarding 5. - there’s no overlap permitted between multiple components, as mentioned in the “Broadcaster Configuration” section of the RFC. Additionally, full screen overlays extend past the top and bottom sections which the component extensions can’t occupy.

Firstly good call on putting it in the RFC post.

When you say the above do you mean extend past the video bounds when in theater mode for example?

Oh good point I will test that on my next look into this, see if that is in-fact the case and works as expected. I tested the rest of the info,