Fetching chat data per client

I’m having a hard time developing something that can fetch chat data from a twitch stream, a stream the user has chosen, while another user fetches chat data from a different stream using a different initialization of the same program. Yes, i can make a IRC bot that fetches stream chat data, but how would i enable this bot to fetch chat data from multiple streams asynchronously? I am wondering if there is some other way to fetch chat data from streams, as using a bot to read IRC messages would only give me one thread to go on.

With chat data i mean live comments from a twitch stream.

You can join multiple channels on a single IRC connection. Unless you are joining a large amount of channel one thread will be more than enough to just read chat messages.

Do you know the limit of channels i can join on a single IRC connection?

There’s no hard limit, but you’ll start getting disconnected from the send buffer overflowing when you’ve joined too many active channels, depending how active they are.

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