Ffmpeg streaming?

Hello, do anyone know how to stream website to twitch?
F.e. I want to stream website on my localhost directly to twitch (720p, 30fps). There need to be soem virtual webbrowser (I think).
Do you know how to do it? Is it even real? Any recommendations what to check?

Not entirely sure what you’re trying to accomplish, but going by the title of the post, ffmpeg has a wiki page about streaming with it.

I saw that tutorial but I cant find how to stream website content. Imagine website as 2D game which you can controll by typing things into chat.
So I just need to stream website. OBS has option to use Browser Source, but OBS uses really a lot of CPU so I need to find other way to do it.

ffmpeg is going to use a very similar amount of CPU for the same content. It’s just the nature of h.264 video encoding. You can make it use less by tweaking options like CPU preset, framerate and resolution.

OBS definitely sounds like best tool for what you’re trying to do.

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