Find out Client_ID For Given Twitch Account

I was just wondering if there was a way to get a client_id for a twitch account that doesn’t have a linked application to it, and where would I find this client_id. For example, online I used a website that generated an OAuth2 token for an account I never linked an application to, so I was wondering how that website obtained my client_id in the first place. Thanks!

Um what… Your post doesn’t make sense…

For a given OAuth token, a mere user cannot obtain the Client ID it was generate for.

I’m not 100% sure Twitch couples them that way or indeed logs given out OAuth tokens. So a given OAuth token cannot be attributed to a given Client ID.

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Are you sure there is no application linked? Try removing all connections on that account: and then remove all cookies/session data (Or run a private Firefox/Chrome session) and try again. I suspect that it won’t be able to generate the OAuth2 Token anymore.

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