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I’m trying to make a website that interacts with the Twitch API, and I need to determine if a user is a moderator of a specific channel after they login through twitch, but I cant seem to find anything about determining mod status for a specific channel using the API. Is this a thing that can actually happen through the API or no?

There is an undocumented Kraken endpoint that will be useful to you:

For example: Alca in ScufJumpn’s channel.

	"_id": "7676884",
	"login": "alca",
	"display_name": "Alca",
	"color": "#177DE3",
	"is_verified_bot": true, // This won't be true for most users.
	"badges": [
			"id": "moderator",
			"version": "1"
			"id": "subscriber",
			"version": "12"
			"id": "bits",
			"version": "1000"

Just look for the “moderator” badge.


This is perfect, thank you!! This is exactly what I needed!

What is the “is_verified_bot”?

Is that the Partnered Verified Icon?

I’ve already submitted that about 2 hours ago. I was just wondering if that was the partner badge or if that was something different. Thanks though.

Sorry I wasn’t clear enough in the above post. The verified bot means it has been verified through that process. It is not related to the verified chat badge.

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