Finding whether your twitch followers have more than 10 common streamers they follow

I’ve run into a problem that I don’t know how solve. Basically there is this twitch streamer who is doing a giveaway but he was followed with multiple fake accounts, the problem is that we can’t really tell which ones are fake and which ones are not. But then I noticed something common on the accounts that are definitely fake, they all follow at-least 20 or more of the same people. So I was just wondering if anyone can help me write a script to determine the accounts which follow the same people.

What I may be able to do;
First I need help with getting the whole list of followers and the people they follow from Twitch. If I can get that on a file, then I can write a Java program to do this. If anyone has a better idea on how to proceed with this problem, I’m open to suggestions.

Thank you very much!

GET<user ID>/follows/channels

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