First time streaming need help questions answered and advice

First of my specs are here:

i7 5960x
x99 maximus extreme
crossfire 290X 8GB cards.
3x 2560x1440


  1. Elgato HD60 Pro - Should I buy it? I want the best of best capture cards?

  2. Do I need a capture card with my the cpu I have?

  3. Can I stream at 2560x1440? My upload speed is between 5mbps - 13mbps

  4. Can I stream at 1080p, yet play my games at 1440p?

  5. If a capture card isn’t needed, what’s the best of best capture software for streaming & recording.

  6. Is my Logitech c920 perfect webcam for my stream?

  7. Do I need a sound card? My motherboard obviously has a built in soundchip, I also own a pair of logitech G933s

  8. Can I stream my sound at 7.1?? Or what’s best streaming sound? THIS IS A MASSIVE IMPORTANT QUESTION NEEDING TO BE ANSWERED

  9. I see youtube videos, of where people get there twitch hacked or something? and people play random videos that get the streamer banned, or play stupid music hijack it and i think you call it raids to??, I don’t want to ever be banned if this ever happenes to me? what Can I do.

This is the wrong place for these questions.

Please try the Twitch Reddit

Also enable Two Factor Authentioncation, in response to 9)

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