[Fixed] API SSL issues 17.06.2014

SSL is failing for me, starting today 17.06 at 22:00 PDT.
Were some changes made? Both my setups started getting the errors and they did not change at all (both Linux and Windows)

Anyone else?

Yes, we are getting pages of errors.

The cert looks to have recently expired. I had to update my SSL cache manually to stop getting these errors @Ponny

If you’re using Java then here’s a good post on how to manually update your Twitch SSL cert:

Everything looks to be fixed now

When the cert was renewed, did the cert chain change? When hitting https://api.twitch.tv/kraken/base I see the following chain. All certs are v3

Root - CN = DigiCert Global Root CA, SN 08:3B:E0:56:90:42:46:B1:A1:75:6A:C9:59:91:C7:4A
Intermediate - CN = DigiCert SHA2 Secure Server CA, SN 08:3B:E0:56:90:42:46:B1:A1:75:6A:C9:59:91:C7:4A
Leaf - CN = *.twitch.tv, SN 04:07:57:C9:65:FD:09:8F:2D:C4:0C:66:72:C9:F6:0B

I’m unsure the root and intermediate are installed by default. For hosts in private space firewalled from the internet you may need to install the root/intermediate manually, or publish them via GPO.