"Flag it" why is your system a mistake

@ twitch moderators

First of all, thank you for hiding my messages without any explanations !
My bad, it is true that you gave me a link to the community guidelines and around 5 reasons that could be the reason of hiding my message.

As I am a web developer, I will give you a small courses about ergonomics :

Readability : please have a look at your notification list design and subjects : you can’t understand anything unless you are used to post on you forums.

Intuitivity : the way you have to choose a forum (descriptions and titles) and the way you write your post is so constraining (do you know IE for web browsers ? your post editors has the same level of technology)

Usability : no need to talk about this aspect (the two points above are sufficient evidences)

And how can it be possible to have to write a post to know how your forum is working ?!

Please : at least when you flag any post : ADD CUSTOM EXPLANATIONS !
the support of other developers is better than yours !

I hope I gave you enough detail to allow you to improve your website.

My company, I, and our developers will not come anymore on this forum and will enjoy other services (like Youtube etc …).

Have a good day.

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