Flood ban notification

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I’m currently creating an IRC bot and was wondering what the server actually does when the bot crosses the flood limit - I don’t really want to stress test the IRC servers and break any ToS rule in the process of trying to find this out. Is a privmsg sent from jtv notifying the client it has been banned before disconnecting it, or does the server just simply disconnect the client? Is any message sent on trying to reconnect? Any information on this topic is greatly appreciated, thanks!

The 21st message (or 101st on a channel with mod status) within 30 seconds will simply disconnect you. You can reconnect and read the chat successfully, but sending a message will disconnect you again. There’s no indication beyond that. After 8 hours you can message normally again.

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Thanks for the info @3ventic .

It would definitely be nice to have a notification like the one supplied when you’re banned from a channel (You are permanently banned from talking in channelName). Rather it would say you’re banned until unixTime or just that you’re banned from the server.

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