Follower endpoint delayed by several hours

EDIT: This is due to a bug, see [Bug] API JSON-dates returned as San-fran timezone instead of GMT

The /channels/:channel/follow endpoint is currently delayed by several hours.
I believe this issue started yesterday, 22.05.

To test:

  1. Follow a channel
  2. Navigate to endpoint
  3. Wait for 1-5 minutes and see that it’s still not in the follow list.

If you check the follower list for live big channels you’ll also see that the last follower was ages ago, which makes no sense as people follow all the time.

This is breaking all the follower notifiers.

I’m noticing this issue as well. My follower notifications ceased functioning sometime yesterday afternoon, and new follows don’t seem to be showing up in the results as expected.

EDIT: Sometime in the last 30 minutes or so, follower notifications seem to have started working again.

EDIT 2: Things seem to be inconsistent, getting more reports that follower notifications are no longer working.

What I’m seeing is that the follow endpoint works (the list is updated with latest followers), but the timestamp is off by 5 hours.

I created a ticket here:

This is now fixed. Thanks for the reports.

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