Follower number response inconsistencies

Hi all,

I have been trying to pull some viewership and follower data from the API using Python. I generally make a page requests for a games page for the top channels. For example, the top 5 channels for LoL:

url = ''

data = requests.get(url)
data = data.json()  
for channel in data['streams']:

Now, this returns all the data for the top five channels. I, however, find that if i want to iterate through the followers of all these channels I sometimes get returned key errors. For example

for channel in data['streams']:

This returns followers for most of the channels, and then once in a while (differs per channel every time) it fails to return the followers. I have gone through the API page as well and I am not able to find the follower key in the request.

As you can see in the file in the link, the RiotGames2 channel does have followers included, but the MushIsGosu channel does not return the same API format.

I wanted to note that if I run the same code 2 seconds later it will not give a key error for MushIsGosu but likely for another channel. Sometimes it also just gives follower data for all of them, but I get an incomplete response more often.

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong or what is going on here?



This is a bug that I have already reported.

The problem you are experiencing is that the user object is being returned instead of the channel object for the channel requested.

Unfortunately this appears to be a caching bug, and as far as I’m aware there’s underlying technical challenges which prevent its immediate possibility of being fixed.


Thank you for your response! At least I know it wasn’t a problem on my end then. I will just add an exception for key errors until it is fixed then. Is there any place I can find these ‘known bugs’?

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