"followers-available" tag in ROOMSTATE command

I am doing some work on a bot I am building and I was just looking at some raw IRC throughput. I noticed when I joined a friend’s channel that I got the tag “followers-available=30” as one of the tags. I have joined a few other channels and have yet to see it anywhere else.

Was just curious what this is representing as she has more than 30 followers and I never saw her viewer count over 30 (continued to monitor the viewer count closely for about an hour)

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I asked about this, and it relates to the followers only chat option. Was it enabled on one channel and not the other?

That was the weird thing, her channel (the one it was seen on) was: “followers-only=-1” which I assume means it had never been initialized. I confirmed with her that she had never turned it on. I went to a couple big streamers to do some checking, as i figured they would have it turned on for bot protection and they didn’t have the followers-available tag, but they did have the followers-only=[number > 0]

additionally, what is the dimension on the value from the follower’s only command (secs, mins, hours, etc)?

sidenote: IRL name is Dallas lol

My experimental documentation:

followers-only tag values are -1 for off, everything 0 and above is # of minutes you must be following in order to chat. 0 is 0 minutes when you don’t enter a duration to /followers and turns into follow-to-chat mode. -1 is when you shut it off with /followersoff.

@broadstone I was figuring it was minutes. Thanks for the info!

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