Followers not appearing

So I messaged Twitch Support but no dice.

I have a grand total of 5 followers (6 if you want to count the bot) but only 3 appear (unless of course you’re counting the bot then 4.)

The twitch dashboard as well as stremalabs OBS both confirm they exist and neither make mention that they ever unfollowed (one even joined my discord.) I’ve noticed though that followers do appear when they follow while I’m offline but don’t appear while I’m online.

Has anyone had this issue and if so did you fix it and how?

Appear where? Are you using the API to query the followers and not seeing them?

The followers tab on your channel

Unfortunately, this is a third-party developers forums and we are not able to really help with that here. You should continue to reach out to Twitch support if you see an inconsistency in the GUI.