For Example: reference methods [Listen] and [PubSub] (send Extension PubSub message)

Please tell where can find code examples of how to use the Listen function together with PubSub?
(I’m sending a request like “Example Request #1 (Channel)” [link] from my EBS and my extension using the Listen method should pick it up, but how exactly does that happen?)

Here you go

Specifically this example covers the config service and PubSub together

You save the config, then push the same config out over PubSub.

As config in the config object is only updated via onChanged ONCE per page load on first call of that function. So updates to config have to be sent to the frontend another way.

So to update config you need to use the pubsub service

Is how to listen in the front end (on global)

Is the actual send for the global topic, but refer to further up the file for the Authentication construction

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Thanks for the examples.
Did I understand correctly that if, for example, I need to run a function in my interface, then I have to write its launch here?

function configureExtension(the_config) {
// do whatever you want with your config
// (re)build the extension

You can either do that or do it directly inside onChanged

there is no right/wrong way

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