Forced to use React?

Hello, I was looking over the docs for making an extension last night and looked at the Dev Rig. The docs are a bit confusing, but are we forced to use React (since the dev rig seems to be made in React) as our frontend or, could I, if I wanted to, use vanilla JS with HTML?

The rig itself is React, but your extension can be whatever you want it to be though. It’s just HTML/JS/CSS, whatever framework (or lack thereof) is entirely up to you as long as it meets all the requirements (such as no code obfuscation, no eval, all external requests must be over HTTPS or WSS etc…).

Alright, thx, that sounds reasonable.
One last question since Im tierd, and english is not my native language, but code obfuscation is when you “minify” your files and / or name you varibles “a”, “b” etc, right?

Uglification would likely count as code obfuscation as it makes it not really human readable. Minification though which just remove things like whitespace, comments, and redundant/optional tokens would likely be perfectly fine though as anyone reading the code would still be able to understand its function.