Front End to Back End Communication Question

I have a Test Back End that uses PubSub, that all works fine and I can have that do stuff on the Front End.
I also have a Test App (Test Game) that connects to the Back End via Twitch OAuth2 where the Back End returns a Random Secret Key that is used by the Test App (Test Game) when it talks to the Back End.

But I am not too sure how the communication is done between the Front End to the Back End.
Is it just normal fetch to the Back End via HTTPS, if so, then is there a certain format / structure to it?
I am already sending the auth.token to the Back End within onAuthorized do I need to send anything else like (auth.channelId, auth.userId) ?

I understand that I have to also send auth.token with any communication between the Front and Back Ends.

I am just unsure the format / structure, I must be blind due to I have gone through the entire reference for Extensions because I still have no clue how its done.


That is one method and thats all on your as it’s your code.

This example covers one solution/example where the JWT is sent with the request to verify traffic and/or if the viewer is ID shared with the extension their Twtich ID, then process that JWT to grab the userID from the JWT to then get the users profile

ChannelID and userID can be obtained from the JWT token after validation and processing/decoded.

You don’t have to, it’s your extension decide what you want to do.
It’s recommended but it’s not a requirement.

Because it’s the same operation as a normal website talking to a normal website backend.

So it’s assumed knowledge on operating a website.

Thanks that cleared up some of my questions, will try some stuff tomorrow.