Full control of polls using the /poll command?

The new on-platform /poll command is great, but it depends on a point-and-click interface, which means it’s impossible to have the channel bot create the poll. I’d like to be able to have my bot automatically create a poll, perhaps based on other information it has available; if it could be done by sending chat commands, it could do something like this:

/poll create
/poll question Who’s the best?
/poll response I am
/poll response You are
/poll duration 1
/poll start

If there’s already a way to do this, that’s awesome, and can someone please point me to the documentation?

We are waiting for Twitch to offer an API so that bots can do this via a call rather than some clunk via chat commands.

Right now there is zero third party API support for the new chat features such as polls, and channel points.

Either would be fine. HTTP API or chat commands, I don’t mind.

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