Funky behavior from one of the API servers

Bit of an odd one here,

I noticed that the view count for channels returned using the endpoint, remained static for the duration of the stream. The behaviour seems to have started around the 11th/12th of January.

This issue appears to be specific to a single (API) server ( as when I tried it locally the requests returned updated view counts as expected, however when I updated my hosts file locally to the above IP, the view counts remained static. Also tried making a request from a third host (which points to a 3rd API server) and those requests also worked as expected.

Seems like that server is having a bit of trouble.

You seeing the same under Helix?

The equivalent endpoint on Helix doesn’t have views but I tested using, in this case the view count gets updated but is seems to be significantly delayed compared to request I make locally.

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