Game added by accident


My name is Samuele and I manage the Reply Game Studios account. We are the developers of Soulstice, a hack and slash game that will be released on September 20.

We have requested its ownership and we obtained it, but there was another “Soulstice” game that I added by accident.

Here are the IDs I can see in the console:

Our game - 358302053 (Twitch)
The other game - 1826540788

Could you please remove the other game from our console?

I am also trying the claim the ownership of our previous game, the PSVR/Oculus game Theseus. However, it looks like it was not indexed properly because of yet another homonymy issue.

Both our game and the other “Theseus” have been associated with the following URL:

Ours is the one that was featured in the following video:

Could you help me out?

Thanks a lot!

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