Game Category Missing

Might not be the right place but been looking for a solution for a few months and hopefully I’ve stumbled to the right place for help.

Tetris Attack (SNES) game category went away in the merge/purge a few months ago and hasn’t been resolved and doesn’t have a clear game to have merged with. It is on Giant Bomb as I’ve read that some of the database is taken from there - I’d think that it merged with Panel de Pon but that’s not an active category either and it’s a much less recognizable name in US region anyway.

Hoping to get this resolved soon as the speedrun community for the game has it’s annual tournament in March. Any suggestions or redirects to the proper place are appreciated.

It’s now!

So you need to add it there instead

Thank you good to know! But I does appear to be already there, not sure why that wouldn’t update it.

So the reason that Tetris Attack isn’t a category on Twitch, is because (with a few special exceptions) Twitch will only pull the original version of a game from IGDB, and Tetris Attack is a version of the original game ‘Panel de pon’ that was just renamed for the international market.

Twitch currently has the wrong Panel de pon game on Twitch, ’ Panel de Pon Event ‘98’ but this will be changed so that the correct original ‘Panel de pon’ will be a category on Twitch.

Interesting, from a speedrun and community perspective the 2 games play differently (with the AI in particular) so we’ve always had separate communities and leader boards (the name recognition, and art redo being other factors) so the go to assumption is that it’s another game in the series vs a simple re-name. I think with the corrected category to Panel de Pon it could work if category searches for “Tetris Attack” could redirect. Not sure if there’s an option/contact to lobby for that with Twitch. Panel de Pon simply isn’t a known quantity to a lot of people.

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