Game coming in as null

I see that the kraken API is currently returning null for every new game.
For example: returns:

“title”: “Forsen, The secret to being handsome AND good at games!”,
“description”: null,
“broadcast_id”: 21777273024,
“broadcast_type”: “archive”,
“status”: “recording”,
“tag_list”: “”,
“views”: 314,
“created_at”: “2016-06-10T14:24:43Z”,
“url”: “”,
“_id”: “v71641417”,
“recorded_at”: “2016-06-10T14:24:23Z”,
“game”: null,
“length”: 16360.347,


Does anyone know what the issue could be? Or is it a bug on Twitch’s side?

Looking into this for you. It looks like it is only videos from today where that is happening.

Thank you @DallasNChains

Yep! There was a problem with the API results. We’re re-populating that data now.

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Thanks @DallasNChains. It is fixed now! :smile:

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