Game Developer Analytics

I’d like to be able to download the csv showing our games analytics but I don’t have the games tab on my developer console. I submitted an application to claim the game but haven’t heard back. Am I missing something?

When you say you don’t see a games tab, have you switched from your personal dashboard to your organisations dashboard within the developer console using the Dropdown in the top right corner?

Also, in regards to claiming ownership of a game on Twitch, how long have you been waiting on your application because this process can potentially take several weeks.

hi, yes in the developer console, if I click the dropdown in the top right corner, I only have one option which is my organisation not a personal account.
I’ve been waiting just over a week so I guess I will keep waiting on that.
Could you confirm if/when I get ownership confirmed for the game will I be able to see the games tab or should I already be able to see this?

When you log in to the Twitch Dev dashboard, the dashboard you see by default is your personal dashboard. As far as I’m aware it’s not possible to have an organisation without having your own dashboard as you need to have logged in to the Twitch Dev site with a Twitch account.

Even if you create a Twitch account with the name of your organisation, that’s still a personal dashboard and NOT an organisation dashboard which is why it would lack the games tab or any of the other tabs associated with game developers such as game ownership, analytics, drops, etc…

oh right, I see. Okay, I’ve submitted a request to add my organisation.
Thanks for explaining!