Game listed on IGDB does not show up on Twitch anymore


A game I have developed “The Hive” used to be listed on Twitch. For some reason it can no longer be found on the Twitch dropdown list when selecting games.

If I remember correctly, the game information would be gathered from GiantBomb, but now its using different system?

It was approved to be added in 6.7.2019 by Twitch staff.

Would you have more information how to get it back there? Also on IGDB site it wrongly links to very old IGN review, that is not related to our game in any way.

All the best

I don’t see anything obviously wrong with the IGDB record.

Twitch now uses IGDB to power the directory. I copied this as a query to the IGDB Discord in the #twitch-category-reports room.

Probably want to wander over the the IGDB discord for tracking this further Discord Link: IGDB

You’ll have to ask IGDB about that!

Thank you for the detailed and fast answer, I’ll check it out!


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